Negative or Harmful Effects of Chakra Balancing

Are there any negative effects of chakra balancing? Any harmful effects of Chakra Clearing? This has sometimes come up with me and a client. So in this spiritual healing article I wish to share what I know about this topic, so it can dispel some of the myths as well as help you make the right decision if a chakra balancing or any energy work is right for you at this time.

“Just Need a Clearing”
Like a shower, chakra balancing serves to wash away all impurities or stagnant energy (stuff that doesn’t belong) in our field and in our energy centers. It takes off the first layer, sometimes penetrating deeply, oftentimes just removing the dirt, to help us see and feel and know ourselves at a clearer level. It can also release negative entities that have attached to us for some reason or another.

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I remember when one of my spiritual advisors told me to get a chakra balancing. He asked, “Have you ever gotten a chakra balancing?

I sat there a bit confused. I had been on a spiritual path for about 4 years at the time, and I had never gotten a formal chakra balancing. So I sheepishly responded, “No. Should I?

He just smiled back at me and said, “We’re gonna open ya tird eye (in a thick New York accent).” That experience was so transforming, that I wrote a blog about it, so people could read about chakra balancing experiences.

What Does The Buddha Say?
When you know you “Just Need a Clearing”, then chakra balancing is right for you. In and of itself, chakra balancing is harmless. We all pick up stuff each day from our environment and the stuff needs to be released daily. In fact, Gotama Buddha, the last great Buddha who lived about 2600 years back, said we all receive four kinds of “food” each day for our minds and bodies. Two of them are Mental and two of them are Material. Depending on the quality of this food, some of it should definitely be released. Making ‘higher vibration’ choices over time helps our lives get cleaner and more prosperous naturally.

4 Kinds of Food We Receive
These “impurities” in the mind can be enormous (similar to large boulders of energy), and they come up to the surface of our lives a little at a time. When we just observe them without reacting, they blow away. In time, they blow away completely. But while these impurities that have arisen are there, we can release them with meditation, physical activity, remaining equanimous (objective and joyful), and with chakra balancing. (Here’s an article I wrote about “Releasing the Negative Energy Cloud”).

Watch this video on what makes a great healer.

There are two types of Mental Food we give our bodies and minds each day. These are 1) The State of This Present Mind Moment and 2) The State of The Past Present Mind Moment (also known as karma, the habit patterns of the mind, mental volitions, or Sankharas). The present state of our minds is constantly sending out messages of joy or sadness into the universe. Depending on the state we are in, we are either purifying or dirtying our chakras. Likewise, throughout each day, our past states of mind arise to the surface and send out emotions of joy and love or sadness and hatred. These past emotions also affect our lives in very real ways. These are the boulders of energy within us that release over time. Whether love, desire, greed, happiness, fear, or hate; these emotions continue to play in our minds from our present moment and from our past present moments.

There are two types of Material Food we give our bodies and minds each day. These are 1) the types of Foods we eat, and 2) the Atmosphere or Environment all around us. Whether the food we eat is spicy, heavy, greasy, light, fresh, nutritious, stale, etc, it all affects our energy bodies and chakras. Likewise, the body and mind is constantly absorbing energy from the environment all around us. Whether the environment is cold, damp, dirty, natural, rich, classy, new, etc, it all affects our chakras. This is why Feng Shui and living in a clean, positive environment is so healthy for our lives.

Click here for an enlightening video on Yotube for opening your third chakra.

So these are the 4 kinds of Mental & Material Foods we give our bodies and minds daily. That means that daily we must find ways to release anything that doesn’t belong. One way to do this is by chakra balancing. Are there any harmful or negative effects to it? Well, just a few in the short-term. Long-term I don’t see anything harmful with it if the person knows what they are doing.

One challenge in chakra balancing is, “How do I know when it is over? When am I fully balanced?

Sometimes during Soul Healing sessions, I can ‘see’ the answer clearly on the person’s body. The emotional challenges that were there either disappear or turn white in color. Likewise with Reiki or hands-on healing, a body stops taking in new energy when it is finished, so there is no chance for over-balancing.

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But when using the crystals or deep forms of energy relaxation and release, how can you know? Well, it takes intuition and “mileage” from the teacher. That’s why it’s good to have a teacher who has been there and done that many times. I for one have over-balanced myself about 3 times in my life, and in each case I almost passed out in over-shock. I had to sit in nature, hug a tree, or touch grass for an hour while speaking positive faith-filled words into my mind. It can feel like a bad drug experience, but know that the end result will be quite positive. What is happening is the energy channels and chakras in the body have expanded to such a size that they channeled too much energy and wore themselves out (like a torn muscle at the gym). In a few hours a person is back to normal and feeling quite light and elated.

Another thing that happens in over-balancing is the concept of “removing the wrong loose brick”. If you remove the wrong loose brick at the wrong time, then that part of the building can collapse. Similarly, if you remove the wrong program at the wrong time, like in one of my Shamanic Hypnosis sessions, then a person can be in a cloudy mess for sometime as the programs attached to this one have to re-settle in the mind.

So over-balancing is something the practitioner has to keep in mind when providing a chakra energy service. Most of the time if you relax after a session on the couch with positive thoughts, the experience will settle properly within an hour to a day.

Guru Protection
One thing I have to always ask a client is, “Are you under the teachings or guidance of another teacher?” Sometimes if a client is under the protection of a great master, like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sathya Sai Baba, or Master Sha, their energy is protecting the person, and I cannot interfere unless they give you or me permission. So ask them first in meditation. It must feel right before you go outside your current energy channel to seek help. Receiving outside energy help can weaken your connection to your guru or channel.

Major Emotional/ Mental Instability due to Attachment, Fear, Mental Disorder, Karma, Genetics (also Karma), etc
Does the client have any major mental or emotional challenges? I need to know these things or perceive these things before beginning a session. Oftentimes I begin with a soul healing session, so all these issues surface long before providing a chakra balancing session (see article: "Test for Chakra Balancing or Soul Healing”).

If a person is challenged by such an issue, then energy work should proceed with a plan in place for the person- it should not be a one-time session. It would be like taking a used car to a new mechanic for every servicing. Without a history of the vehicle, the new mechanic would never know what to watch out for in this old car. Likewise, a person challenged by major depression, Autism, abductions, or extreme fear should see someone for some time and proceed slowly.

Minor Emotional/ Mental Instability due to Attachment, Fear, Mental Disorder, Karma, Genetics (also Karma), etc
If you have these challenges, but you keep them well-managed on a daily basis then proceed with a chakra balancing of another form of spiritual healing (there are many types of chakra balancing). For you, it’s very positive to have healing and release work done to your mind. You will experience lots of release, and some of it may not be pleasant at first. I’ve seen diarrhea, vomiting, fever, stomach aches, and just feeling dizzy. But the fact is this is old energy that you don’t want in you. This is good to release. Enjoy the discomfort with a smile knowing you will be lighter afterwards. I would also recommend for these people to purchase a few healing sessions in a row to release many programs and issues over a short period of time (like a month). This can help a person get really good at learning all their unique challenges their minds keep bringing up- and releasing many of them!

Side Effects of Chakra Balancing
Finally, there are side-effects to chakra balancing when done properly.  It’s important to understand that the side effects to chakra balancing are part of the Release Process. If there was no reaction in life, you would be fully enlightened (with a God-Mind). But reactions in life teach us there is some friction that needs to be worn down, so we become softer people. This is a release of Attachment. This release can cause:

  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Light-headedness
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Elation
  • The need to masturbate (if the 2nd chakra really balances itself)
  • Feelings of passing out or napping
  • Confusion
  • Etc.

These side-effects do not happen to everyone. Either these side-effects pass within a few hours, or they can be cleared by the healer. A healer can go in with their hands and wipe away the cloudiness until the clarity returns. Likewise, you can meditate by combing your body with your awareness until the layers that have peeled off resettle.

What you should feel within a day is a very positive feeling in you:

  • Happiness
  • Being lighter
  • Being cleaner
  • Being clearer in mind
  • Being released from some challenge
  • Being happy that you had he experience
  • Looking forward to doing it again in the future

Should definitely be there!

So hope this helps educate you some in the positive and negative issues related to chakra balancing. All I can say is for you to work with a healer in a dedicated way for a few sessions before hopping around to another healer or life-coach. Let a person get to know your unique energy for sometime. If you feel benefit after a month, then stick to it. But if after a month your life isn’t much better off, then keep looking. Since this is an energy-world, we must find the right personalities to work with us in improving our lives.

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May God bless you on your Path. I know He already is.

Jan Tijmes
Soul Healer
The John Positive Company
Providing spiritual counseling, healing, free weekly life-coaching, and chakra balancing remotely or live in Houston, Dallas, Sedona, Phoenix, Tampa, or San Francisco and beyond!

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  1. Hello, I've recently been practicing my chakra balancing techniques and feel I haven't been doing them correctly.when I visualize my chakras am I supposed to visualize them from the way I'd actually see them or visualize them from an alternate view such as looking at myself from anothers point of view?
    And this was indeed very enlightening.

  2. You're doing well, Dr. Billups. At first when we begin meditating and placing our awareness on ourselves, naturally, one sometimes 'imagines' looking at themself from another point of view- like looking at themself- but here we are! Why don't we just be in ourself instead.

    the reason this happens is it's an old habit pattern of the mind. we've spent a lot fo time imagining things, so when we feel our own energy, we sometimes see it from 3rd person point of view.

    either way works. if you can have your awareness directly within yourself, or viewing yourself from 3rd person, you will notice both work. but in time, as the mind purifies itself, you will begin to be in yourself more and more without the 3rd person viewing thing happening. it's a natural shift that will take place (and this can take years).

    Feel them. sit with one and tell yourself, "I am in the first chakra. I feel my first chakra. I feel it. It's becoming more distinct for me." slowly you will sense it's energy more and more. visualization won't be so necessary once you actuallly feel them.

    If a friend or healer provides you with a guided chakra meditation, then you will 'see; them easier. For some reason having another person guide you helps you to see them better. I know i've always gone deeper when a new friend guided me. it was as if he was transmitting me his visions, and they came through loud and clear with the energy.

    good luck, sir! it's great that you are doing this. Realize each chakra is associated with a particular energy or emotion. So if you're at the 2nd chakra, you will notice your passion, creativity, and sexuality more.

    There is no wrong way to do this. take your time and have fun. practice with others or find a psychic Meetup that does some guided meditations for the chakras once a week.

    God bless!

  3. Hey .
    I would like to meditate and Im a Christian .
    Im reading articles such as if they meditate, they here this creepy voices or seeing something creepy .
    Im really scared .
    Im only 14 and I dont want to have that dizziness and vomitting .
    Help ??

  4. Thanks for this article ,I cleared my second chakra and I had this involuntary release of vital fluid the next day and the day after that I had some palpitations ,I knew instantly it was as a result of my energy work ,I was confused if this was normal .This article has cleared those doubts . Thanks again .


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